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The search results will be presented by the lowest price first. Scroll through the listings and read how the booksellers have described the books. Look for a listing that is similar to your book. Please remember that an old or antique book is not necessary valuable just because it's old. Common books like the works of William Shakespeare, prayer books, bibles and encyclopedias were printed in huge quantities during the Victorian era and usually have little value. AbeBooks is very useful for finding an approximate value of a book but don't use that value for insurance purposes.

If you really need a documented estimate of a book's value for probate or insurance purposes then visit your local rare bookshop and pay for a formal appraisal. Keywords Please provide at least one of author, title, keyword, or publisher. Published Date min to max Option: Enter a published year range to help narrow your results. Binding Any. Attributes: First Edition. Looking for the right words to describe your book?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand book terms used by our expert bibliomaniacs. But worry not! Below is a list of key terms commonly used in the wide world of books. Book-size categories were originally based on the number of times a full sheet of paper was folded by the printer when making a book. For a while, a lot of people thought LPs were a thing of the past. At HPB, we may have had a little doubt, but we've always believed in records. Even at their lowest point, we kept space for them in our stores, because we always had customers who appreciated them. Finding the Value of Old Books

LPs were introduced around , and became the dominant recorded medium through the mid-Eighties. Then came the compact disc, and interest in the LP format waned. After that, digital music came along and threatened all hard-copy formats of music. But now, the record is on the rise, even if its market share is still relatively small.

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Sales of new and used LPs—as well as turntables—are increasing by double digits every year as vinyl has become popular among both the young and old. There is still a big market for the LP, both as a type of collectible and as a listening medium. Why the renewed interest in LPs?

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Well, in many ways it never really went away. Of course, some types of records tend to be of more interest than others. Generally, the more pop the artists are, the easier their records are to find. But there is still greater demand than supply for some of the classic rock bands, especially from the Sixties, such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. No matter the genre, middle-of-the-road artists tend not to garner much interest, but there are exceptions. Sometimes it's worth it to own a classic piece of music history.

Learn more about condition of LPs in our Condition Guide. The fun part of being an avid reader and book collector is handling and keeping up with a lot of books, some of which may be pretty valuable. We get a lot of questions about how to make a book last and maintain its value over the years, so we put together some book care tips to help you. A book doesn't have to be a first edition to be collectible. Look for signed editions of authors' works; limited, numbered editions; finely bound or illustrated editions; original paperback editions; or books containing maps or diagrams.

If you want to collect first editions, find out how different publishers identify them. They don't all print "First Edition" on the copyright page. Some use number series starting with "1" or letter series starting with "A," while others simply don't list any later printings. You also need to make sure the book isn't a reprint, a book club edition or a facsimile of the first edition. Control the temperature and limit the humidity in the spaces where you keep your books. Protect dust jackets with Mylar protectors, and keep them out of direct sunlight so they won't fade.

Shelve your books so that their spines don't bend or break and their covers don't get scuffed. And if you notice evidence of little critters around your books, take measures to eliminate them. If you really want to identify a book as yours, you may use a nice bookplate. It will still devalue the book, but not quite as much. Schools out! Unload all your used textbooks and classroom required reading at Half Price Books. We'll make you a competitive cash offer on everything you bring in to sell.

Learn more about selling textbooks here. If you'd like to collect first editions of your favorite books, there are a few basic steps that can help you build a nice collection.

Mint (M) or As New.

Before you look up a book in a price guide or on the Internet, make sure it's not a book club edition. Here are some characteristics of many book club editions:. You'll also want to make sure the book isn't a reprint edition, which is a print edition of a bookpreviously published by another publisher. The copyright page of reprints will usually list the original publisher and publication date. If you think you may have a first edition, you must understand that publishers use different means of denoting their first editions.

Look on the copyright page the other side of the title page for the following first edition indications:. There are many other ways to tell if you have a first edition. McBride's Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions is a nice, compact reference for various publishers' first edition styles. If the book appears to be a first edition, distinguish between desirable and common first editions. Here are some basic guidelines:. If your book is a collectible first edition, determine its condition.

Harry Potter first edition on sale for £30,000 and this is what makes it special

All of these flaws may decrease the value of a book or keep it from being collectible:. To learn more about determining a book's condition, read our article on Book Grading Scales. Whether or not it's a first edition, if you have an old, interesting book whose value you're wondering about, check for special features that may make it collectible:. Is all this book talk a little much? The Buy Guy breaks down all the book terminology for you!

We all know a first edition by Hemingway is likely to be worth some money. Students know how expensive a current textbook can be. But what about a nondescript book called Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham, published in ?

11 Collectible Books Worth A Ton Of Money That Might Be On Your Bookshelves Right Now

How can that be worth hundreds of dollars? More often than not, those books sat unbothered on the shelf. Over the last two decades, the Internet has exposed a great mass of books to a great mass of people, causing the prices of most used books to drop, often precipitously.

At the same time, though, it has caused a sharp increase in prices for a lot of extremely unusual books. There may be great demand for a John Grisham novel, but there are so many out there that the price is low. I thought it would be interesting to share a sample of titles that may not seem to be treasures, but that have sold for a lot of money, sometimes hundreds of dollars.

A lot of the craft books we get at Half Price Books look pretty mundane, pretty insubstantial. Most are indeed very affordable. But there are groups of crafters out there who are always looking for certain well-thought-of guides in the areas of knitting and crocheting, woodworking, and many other crafts.