The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume 2: 002

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Test bank for traditions and encounters 3rd edition by bentley 1. Gilgamesh was associated with what city? Enkidu was A. Gilgamesh's friend. Which of the following subjects is not addressed in the Epic of Gilgamesh? In the Epic of Gilgamesh humans were not allowed to live forever because A.

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  • Gilgamesh felt that humans were not worthy of immortality. The earliest urban societies developed in the A. The word Mesopotamia means A. The first complex society developed in the southern Mesopotamian land of A. The word Semitic refers to A. A Mesopotamian stepped pyramid was known as a A.

    After B. The creator of the first empire in Mesopotamia was A. Sargon of Akkad. Mesopotamian cultural and political brilliance reached its peak during the reign of A. What individual believed that the gods had chosen him to "promote the welfare of the people. Moses B.

    Nebuchadnezzar C. Hammurabi D. Sargon of Akkad E. Gilgamesh The words lex talionis relate to A. While Hammurabi's code was based on the concept of lex talionis, it was also shaped by A. The Babylonians eventually fell in b. The later Mesopotamian people who around b. What Mesopotamian society built the largest empire? A Babylonian resurgence of power was led in the sixth century b. The famous hanging gardens of the ancient world were located in A.

    Mesopotamian metalworkers discovered that if they alloyed copper and tin they could produce A. Iron metallurgy came to Mesopotamia from the A. The first people in the world to use wheeled vehicles were the A. Evidence proves that the Mesopotamians A.

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    Social distinctions in Mesopotamia A. EBoth were much less pronounced than they had been during the neolithic ageaand were much less. In Mesopotamia, prisoners of war, convicted criminals, and heavily indebted individuals were the three main sources for A. Mesopotamia developed into A.

    Conditions for women in Mesopotamia A. The Mesopotamian style of writing was known as A. The statement, "If she was not careful, but was a gadabout, thus neglecting her house and humiliating her husband, they shall throw that woman into the water," is drawn from A. Hammurabi's Code. The Mesopotamians A.

    follow site The patriarch of the Hebrews was A. Ethical monotheism was in the tradition of the A. Hebrew law A.

    Hebrew monotheism has its origins with A. The first simplified alphabet, containing only twenty-two letters, was created by the A. Which of the following languages is not of Indo-European origin? Old Persian. The original homeland of the Indo-Europeans was A. The most influential ancient Indo-European migrants into southwest Asia were the A. Horse-drawn chariots were first invented by the A.

    Match the terms. Hittites b. Hammurabi c. Sargon of Akkad d. Moses e. Nebuchadnezzar f. Phoenicians g.

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    Gilgamesh h. Assyrians i. Cuneiform j. Lex talionis k. Indo-Europeans l. Yahweh Hebrew god Invented the horse-drawn chariot First conqueror to unite all of Mesopotamia Legal principle of the law of retaliation Helped create a shared linguistic base First alphabet Constructed the largest empire of the Mesopotamian societies Leader who led a Babylonian resurgence in the sixth century b. True founder of Hebrew monotheism Hero of the oldest known epic 8. Powerful Babylonian king who formulated a sophisticated law code Students should be able to describe the following key terms, concepts, individuals, and places, and explain their significance.

    Ziggurats Cuneiform Epic of Gilgamesh Lex talionis Sumerians Babylonians Assyrians Phoenicians Torah Hittites Hebrews Israelites Jews Monotheism Polytheism Sargon of Akkad Hammurabi Gilgamesh 9. Abraham David Solomon Nebuchadnezzar Ashurbanipal Moses Kish Assyria Mesopotamia Egypt Phoenicia Uruk Ur Babylon Judea Tyre The majority of these documents are orders to allow passage through the gate at Berenike.

    They were issued by customs agents at Coptos to colleagues in Berenike for cameldrivers delivering goods to the harbor. By allowing passage, the ostraca presumably confirm receipt of customs dues at Coptos.