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Vote Yes on Amendment 4. Become a Volunteer. Spread the Word. Florida is one of only four states with a lifetime ban on voting. Learn More. Desmond's Story. Read More.

We need to keep growing our grassroots movement to pass Amendment 4 in November! Our grassroots volunteers are at the center of the campaign. Clarence's Story "Any American who has served his time should be able to vote, and especially veterans who have served their country.

Alan's Story "I was wounded in Vietnam in , shot through the chest. These millions of Americans face significant barriers to success when trying to rejoin their community and are frequently left without the opportunity to escape the shadow of their criminal records. They not only face social stigma from old friends and neighbors, but also face over 44, legal barriers that impact their ability to start a business, secure employment, find a suitable place to live, and conduct themselves as contributing members of their local communities.

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Americans who were previously incarcerated also face a practical barrier to employment as they tend to have lower levels of educational attainment and work experience. A recent study of individuals incarcerated in four states found that approximately 25 percent did not have a high school diploma or GED and only 54 percent were working before their incarceration.

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Previous research from the Bureau of Justice Statics showed similar results. More than three out of four, or 83 percent , of individuals released from state prisons will be rearrested within nine years.

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  5. Access to meaningful employment and adequate housing is vitally important not only for those reentering society, but also for our public safety. Research consistently reveals that access to meaningful employment is essential for reducing future crime among individuals who have previously been incarcerated or are under community supervision. It creates options by providing the means to attain housing, transportation, and entertainment.

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    Failure to access employment also has a negative impact on our economy, as those with a criminal record have higher unemployment rates and lower annual earnings than the general population. Research has also shown that housing is essential for successful community reintegration but many individuals with a criminal record fail to find somewhere to live. Individuals who experience some form of housing instability have an increased risk of recidivism and higher substance abuse.

    Acquiring a second chance provides people with dignity and allows them to achieve their potential as contributing members of our community. This allows individuals to gain closure after their time is served and provides them with the ability and support necessary to avoid future criminal behavior.

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    Barriers that prevent someone from accessing employment, housing, and education are bad for the individual, our communities, and our economy. Second chance programs that provide in-prison programming and reentry support have been found to reduce recidivism and increase public safety, and are vital to helping formerly incarcerated individuals acquire an opportunity to support themselves through legitimate and productive work.

    However, to properly ensure second chances, we must do more. Individuals who have been incarcerated are not the only ones with a criminal record and the barriers discussed above do not end after acquiring a job, housing, or additional education.


    In many instances, these barriers last a lifetime. Through individual action, research, and reform we can advance second chances and ensure stronger communities, economies, and families. Research is vitally important to discovering solutions to the problems we are facing in our communities.

    Second Chances Denver Reflect love to women recovering from trauma with paid employment, life skills guidance and coaching. What We Do. Connect with Us.

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