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There were too many differences between the original text and the translation, so I wanted to single them out, to understand what Floriana Bossi wanted to convey through her linguistic choices. Nadsat is the term Burgess used to define the new slang he invented specifically for this novel.

The name itself nadtsat comes from the Russian suffix equivalent of —teen.

Mondi paralleli

And it is not by chance that it is spoken by a group of teenagers. Alex uses it also with his parents, but when in a formal context, he can speak standard English too.

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The nadsat characterizes A Clockwork Orange more than any other elements in the book, including, in my opinion, the choice of the issue. A Clockwork Orange shook the public opinion all over the world, and opened lively debates.

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Several internet pages and blogs are dedicated to the theme of the book. Furthermore, in the movie version, Alex has got an unusual pet: a boa constrictor. Probably in this way Kubrick wanted to characterize even more Alex and his surreal and abnormal world.

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As for the Italian dubbing, often the nadsat words used by Alex and his friends, are not the same as those used in the single Italian translation available for this novel. But the phrase itself I did not make up. Now, obviously, I have to give it an extra meaning. Alex is a fifteen-year old boy, who lives in England with his family, goes to school and has a passion for classical music, in particular for Beethoven and Mozart.

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In fact, he and his three friends, or droogs, enjoy carrying out crimes of any kind armed robberies, aggressions, rapes whose victims are young girls and women, elderly people, vagabonds. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift.

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