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It's been wonderful to see how much progress the kids made I often pick this up and play with it myself.

Mind Games

There's something really relaxing about sliding those little cars Usually ships within 6 days. Smith Spokane, Washington, US. Did it meet my expectations? It exceeded them by a mile and a half.

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It's been a very rewarding experiencethey haven't been able to put it down. Even at age 17 and 21 respectively, it seems this is tricky enough to challenge them in a major way, engaging enough to catch and hold their interest, and plain fun enough so they've even conned their sister into 'giving it a try'.

I've even seen my husband try to figure out how it works, but without succumbing to I bought this for someone who I know likes this sort of thing. I bought it knowing there were no instructions. I thought they could manage without it but it seems not. Also the plastic cover packaging was damaged when it arrived.

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Otherwise the wood colour is lovely and made a cute little gift. I gave it 4 just because of the packaging and no instructions. Expectations: It comes apart in seconds; that has nothing to do with solving it.

Think of it as a 3D jigsaw puzzle with 3 pieces. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that it's about lining up notches. One reviewer complained about that. It is very unlikely to be reassembled by accident. Doing it the first time took patience, close examination, and maybe an hour split over a couple days. Even then I couldn't solve it on demand; mastering it maybe took another hour altogether.


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Now I just enjoy the "feel" of disassembly and reassembly. One reviewer called it ugly; I couldn't disagree more. Fun little puzzle to keep ya busy for a good five or ten minutes, there are 12 wood pieces when disassembled and when putting together it would of been nicer if the pieces were a little tighter fit, but other than that it is a buy for those who like puzzles.

I bought this for our 9 year old. He enjoys it, and so have his siblings. They are finding it addictive and don't want to stop solving the puzzles. I've been amazed at how good my 6 year old is with these puzzles. I have really been able to see how spatially gifted or not my individual children are with this toy. I highly recommend it.

Once you win in all 4 categories, you win the game. The game plays quickly. Adding to the excitement, there are Head-to-Head challenges where you compete against another player. All of these were fun, exciting, and engaging, and added a nice interactive aspect.

There are a LOT of cards I believe something like , so there are a lot of My kids love this game and it is really fun to play. A limited number of cards means you will eventually learn the answers and my 8 year old daughter already knew many because she loves the show.


If they made cheap expansion pack questions, I would upgrade my review to 5 stars. What a fun little puzzle. Gave it to my 9 year old son who diligently spent 45 min to figure it out. I took about 10 min. Add to Wishlist. Mind Games is a free collection of hardest and challenging puzzles. The game contains the most complex and interesting tasks rebuses and puzzles for training your brain. Challenges for logic math attention. The set includes the 17 hardest puzzles, of varying degrees of difficulty and more than levels.

As I have already noted, the game is a set of interesting puzzles.

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Some of them are known to each of us since childhood - these are the variants of the game reversi, chess problems, tag. And some are an improved combination of two games, as, for example, in the case of sudoku. Each puzzle has several levels. Some levels differ from each other only in degree of difficulty.

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