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In , the family moved to Harlem.

With Walton's support, he began Call It Sleep in about , and completed the novel in the spring of , publishing in December , to mixed reviews. In the s, Roth's Call It Sleep underwent a critical reappraisal after being republished in With 1,, copies sold, and many weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, the novel was hailed as an overlooked Depression -era masterpiece and classic novel of immigration.

Today, it is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Jewish American literature.

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After the book's publication, Roth began a second novel that was contracted with editor Maxwell Perkins, of Scribner's. But Roth's growing ideological frustration and personal confusion created a profound writer's block, which lasted until , when he began the earliest drafts of Mercy of a Rude Stream although material written much earlier than was also incorporated into this later work. In , during an unproductive sojourn at the artists' colony Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, New York , Roth met Muriel Parker, a pianist and composer; much of this period is depicted in Roth's final work, An American Type.

Roth severed his relationship with Walton, moved out of her apartment, and married Parker in , to the disapproval of her family. The couple moved first to Boston with their two young sons, Jeremy and Hugh, and then in to Maine.

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There Roth worked as a woodsman, a schoolteacher, a psychiatric attendant in the state mental hospital, a waterfowl farmer, and a Latin and math tutor. Arthur Hertzberg credited editor Harold U. Ribalow with "rediscovering" Roth. Ribelow found him on a farm in Maine and persuaded him to permit a new edition of the novel.

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Ribalow , "Thanks for the encomia. Things like that keep me alive, I'm sure: what little is left me capable of feeling swells with pride like the staves of an old barrel when filled. Harold, to whom I owe so much, would have been happy to witness the occasion. In fact, Roth did not initially welcome the success of the reprint of Call It Sleep , valuing his privacy instead. However, his writing block slowly began to break. In , after Muriel's retirement from the Maine state school system, the couple moved to a trailer home in Albuquerque , New Mexico, near where Roth had stayed as writer-in-residence at the D.

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Lawrence ranch outside of Taos. Muriel began composing music again, while Roth collaborated with his friend and Italian translator, Mario Materassi, to put out a collection of essays called Shifting Landscape , published by the Jewish Publication Society in After Muriel's death in , Roth moved into a ramshackle former funeral parlor and occupied himself with revising the final volumes of his monumental work, Mercy of a Rude Stream.

It has been alleged that the incestuous relationships between the protagonist, a sister, and a cousin in Mercy of a Rude Stream are based on Roth's life. Roth's own sister denied that such events occurred. Roth failed to garner the acclaim some say he deserves, perhaps because after the publication of Call It Sleep he failed to produce another novel for sixty years. Roth attributed his massive writer's block to personal problems such as depression, and to political conflicts, including his disillusion with Communism. At other times he cited his early break with Judaism and his obsessive sexual preoccupations as probable causes.

The character E. Published in , Call It Sleep centers on the turbulent experiences of a young boy, David Schearl, growing up in the Jewish immigrant slum of New York's Lower East Side in the early twentieth century. Mercy of a Rude Stream is a monumental epic published in four volumes. It follows protagonist Ira Stigman from his family's arrival in Jewish-Irish Harlem in to the night before Thanksgiving in , when Ira decides to leave the family tenement and move in with Edith Welles.

According to critic David Mehegan, Roth's Mercy represents a "landmark of the American literary century". The first volume, A Star Shines over Mt.

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Morris Park was published in by St. Martin's in From Bondage , which appeared in hardcover in , was the first volume of the four Mercy books to appear posthumously. Requiem for Harlem , the fourth and final volume, appeared in Roth was able to revise both the third and fourth volumes in and with the help of his assistant, Felicia Steele, shortly before his death.

Before his death, Roth commented numerous times that Mercy of a Rude Stream comprised six volumes. In fact, Roth did write six separate books.

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