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The final ingredient is recursion.

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Gareth Brickman Follow. Digits use five symbols; punctuation marks mostly use six. In , Europeans developed an "International" variant of Morse which provided for letters with diacritic marks.

That International Morse Code with slight modifications is the version in use all over the world today. In , a French engineer named Baudot patented a new telegraphic code which replaced Morse in many applications.

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In Baudot Code, every letter is represented by a string of five on-or-off signals an exact correspondence with the binary digits or "bits" 1 and 0. There were thus only 32 possible signal combinations—just enough for the letters of the uppercase English alphabet and a few punctuation marks.

There weren't enough codes for lowercase letters, so telegraphy was always limited to uppercase—which added to the urgent feel and perhaps to the charm of telegraphed messages. Adding further to the charm was the "telegraphic" language use that developed around the economic fact that telegraph companies charged for transmission by the word.

Since "word" was not defined in any meaningful way, people sending telegrams often created words by stringing together other words and pieces of words.

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For instance, I recently heard an account of a foreign correspondent for the BBC in the heyday of telegraphy. I've also heard that last line attributed to a telegram from Hemingway; I assume it's apocryphal.

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But it makes a good story. Of course, those telegrams leave out one of the most prominent features of most telegrams: in transcribing them, telegraph operators used words rather than punctuation marks. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. I need your help. Please give feedback to schmidt at netaction dot de. In the src directory you will find more information about the technical side of dit-dah-di-dit.

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