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How can a mind know how alone it is until it brushes up against some other mind? A single mark had been made, another person's memory imposed onto his mind, and now the magnitude of his own loss was impossible for Samson to ignore. It was breathtaking. He sank to his knees It was as if a match had been struck, throwing light on just how dark it was.

The gestures we repeat over and over, they're just our need to be recognized. Without them, we'd be unidentifiable. We have to reinvent ourselves every minute. Being close-as close as you can get-to another person only makes it clear the impassable distance between you.

Woman groped by man while walking through Crescent Park neighborhood

But as it stands, true empathy remains impossible. And so long as it is, people will continue to suffer the pressure of their seemingly singular existence.


He watched her sleep and struggled to see her as she was, but what he saw instead were her muscles and bones. He saw right through the skin to where her femur connected to her tibia by way of the ligaments, to the hair web of nerves and the delicate forest of her lungs, to the abstract heart pumping blood through her arteries. It terrified him how easily these systems could fail her.

Or not: maybe enough time, would pass that eventually he would look back on his life, all of it, as a series of events both logical and continuous. He knew what Anna was asking: whether you could love someone without habits.

Not that they hadn't happened at all, but that they had been embellished by details from elsewhere, fragments that survived the obliteration of other memories, vagrant data that gravitated and stuck to what was left to remember. But in the end he rejected this idea.

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The memories were too perfect: take one detail away and they collapsed into disorder. What kind of weather was that, Samson wondered, and how was one to use this information except as proof that the world was too much to bear?

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Crosshatches of ridge and fissure. Lines that fan out from the source. The shadow of the airplane slips across basin and range.

Eventually the cut of a road appears, as deep as a fossil in shale. Unbound by destination, a road simply for the sake of moving, however slowly, through miles of nothing. Through the system.

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The first grid is the strangest, the geometry of better living etched onto the desert floor: identical houses of a planned community pleated around the nucleus of a swimming pool. One and then another, until the desert is paved under streets and scattered with countless pools like a deck of blue cards. If it came back now, he felt he would turn it away, and the knowledge of this renouncement, a small act of defiance, gave him a feeling of liberty.

The emptiness an infant possesses in the very first moments, when consciousness begins like the answer to a question never asked. Or maybe it was his own personal loneliness, a solitary, errant longing no one else could ever know, and the knowledge of this stoked the already existing loneliness, made it widen and blur at the edges until it included everything. I mean that without them we would be unidentifiable. We'd have to reinvent ourselves every minute.

Man walking through King's Park was kicked in the head and robbed | Bournemouth Echo

A short time later, officers arrive on the scene and can be seen negotiating with the man until he sits on the centre median of Scott Road. The man was then taken to hospital without force. Their car did sustain some minor damage, they added.

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  • 'We're very disappointed but not giving up': Aldi's reaction to planning decision.
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